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Frequently Asked Questions


You must be 19 years old to make a purchase at any BCPS location, ID will be required when you sign up for a membership.


Membership requires that you fill out all of the required forms and submit them with any supporting documents we may request at the time we process your application. Please contact the office for further information. Once your membership is approved you are able to utilize our Commercial Drive mail order servide and shop in all BCPS Canada locations.

On-line ordering

If you are a member of any BCPS Canada you can use our mail-order service. This is only available at our Commercial Drive location and you must call the office to place an order. If you are not a member and wish to utilize our service, membership is quick and easy. Please contact us to find out how to get top quality medical marijuana right to your door.
We don't have an on-line menu due to the large turnover of product in the store. Many times we will purchase small amounts of high quality marijuana and it will sell as fast as we get it in the vending machines. Your best option is to call the store and ask what is currently in stock. That way you can guarantee you are getting what you order.
Unfortunately we cannot ship any of our products to the US or any other country.