Grand forks OPEN NOW

Vancouver opening soon

Former home to the worlds most famous marijuana vending machines

Our Grand Forks BC location is open for business with a complete line of products, stop in 7 days a week to say hi to the staff and browse our selection.

Our Commercial Drive location in Vancouver is still in the review stage, were hoping to have a decision within the first two weeks of October. If it is a YES we are all HAPPY. If the city says NO to our development permit then we will have to go to the board of variance and appeal the decision. Our lawyers are already working on an appeal even though we haven’t been denied yet.

Many customers have been asking about the government controlled product, I have to say that I am quite pleased with the prices and quality. Can products improve, can legalization improve? ABSOLUTELY, but in my opinion, the legal cannabis industry is off to a good start.

You can show your support by signing the petition below. (only the first letter of your last name will be shown to protect your privacy)

Please help BCPS remain at 2908 Commercial Drive

BCPS is receiving continued pressure from the city to shut the doors. WE DON'T WANT TO CLOSE, and need your help.
We have a meeting with the development permit department at Vancouver City Hall and know it will be rejected.
Once we have our rejection notice we will be going to the board of variance, that's where your support will be needed and greatly appreciated.

**your signature**

Thank you very much for your support.
823 signatures = 165% of goal

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Latest Signatures
823 Ms Jeannie B. I have MS
822 Mr David W. Been a customer for years. Great products and great service, has helped me access medical grade cannabis
821 Ms John E. Good location
820 Mr Ryan P. I love that store!
819 Ms Micheline K. To keep a trusted place to purchase my medicine.
818 Ms David M.
817 Mr Kyle C. Surrey
816 Mr Sikander S. BC Pain provides affordable, safe, and accessible cannabis for recreational and medical users. They have great quality of cannabis that is pesticide and mold free. I would put there quality above what the BC Cannabis store provides with pricing and freshness of product. Instead of closing them down the government should do a small tax incentive for each sale they make.
815 Ms Lynne B. in support
814 Ms Benjamin H. Langley
813 Mr tyler t. so that i can buy legal medicine like your government promised me
812 Mr Aman C. I am a regular customer who has been effected by this
811 Mr Kevin F. For affordable medication.
810 Ms Frances C. Why not? It's an integral part of BC. Cannabis is legal now.
809 Mr Ben C. Great quality, great service and location
808 Mr Gregory S. Because since bcps was closed I've now had to spend over twice as much money, for inferior products, that takes more of my time to get. I've gone there for years, since a week after they first opened, their staff is friendly and reliable, their products are affordable, their location was accessible, they were, as far as I'm concerned, the best dispensary in the city.
807 Mr Gerald C. Because I live in the valley and BCPS offers the best price and quality of pot within range of my location. Please reinstate them at their old location.
806 Ms Morgan C. For affordable and consistent access to the medication I need for my sleep and anxiety.
805 Mr eugene f. cannabis is legal
804 Mr Chance C. I don’t agree with closure or pause in service especially after legalization.
803 Ms Kathleen L.
802 Ms Rachelle P. For acessible mecdine in the Commercial area
801 Mr Travis L. So I can continue to buy good medicine
800 Mr John P.
799 Mr Cody B. For accessible medicine