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We have been accepted by the province but the city WILL NOT give us a development permit. PLEASE CALL THE MAYOR…


CALL THE MAYOR DIRECT –  604.873.7621

Email the mayor –

Facebook the mayor – kennedy.stewart

Tweet the mayor – @kennedystewart

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Please help BCPS remain at 2908 Commercial Drive

BCPS is receiving continued pressure from the city to shut the doors. WE DON'T WANT TO CLOSE, and need your help.
We have a meeting with the development permit department at Vancouver City Hall and know it will be rejected.
Once we have our rejection notice we will be going to the board of variance, that's where your support will be needed and greatly appreciated.

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Thank you very much for your support.
797 signatures = 159% of goal

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Latest Signatures
797 Mr Erik J. Coquitlam
796 Mr Li H. They have excellent service and I feel safe when going to pick up medication.
795 Mr Terry B.
794 Mr Doug E. Chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis
793 Ms K R. Chronic Pain Suffer
792 Mr Curtis W.
791 Mr Phil W.
790 Mr Lucifer L. to show that they dont give a f**k about people, but money
789 Ms Ana Maria H. I am a woman over 50 and I suffer from pain due to injuries from several falls. This is the only place I felt safe buying my meds from. Other places are scary and they don't treat people right. Please allow them to continue with the important service they provide for many of us.
788 Ms Dominique M. We need dispensaries for the Disable
787 Ms Lee W. Because this place is fantastic for pain medication
786 Ms Amelia A. Seton Portage
785 Ms Geetha R.
784 Mr Ray B. Vancouver needs medical dispensaries. Cannabis is legal for God's sake. Children are not the intended customers of Cannabis dispensarie
783 Miss Marcela T.
782 Mr Ralph S. After visiting this facility on a few occasion i definitely can see a need for more places like this where one can go relax and socialize in a non intimidating way.GREAT PEOPLE VERY FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE. I HOPE ALL WORKS OUT YOU ARE A NEED IN THIS COTY AND MANY MORE LIKE IT.
781 Ms Nicola C. It's a great location.
780 Mr james w.
779 Mr Darren L. Burnaby
778 Mr stephen d.
777 Mr Keenan K. This store allows people that don't have a lot of money get the medicine they need.
776 Mrs Kirsten R. Same place is the best even better FANASTIC PRICE FOR 4:20!
775 Miss Ada R. Because its deaf friendly and easy to access go to there and good price for marjiuana
774 Ms Ingrid E.
773 Ms Robin H. This place helps me with my anxiety