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We have been accepted by the province but the city WILL NOT give us a development permit. PLEASE CALL THE MAYOR…


CALL THE MAYOR DIRECT –  604.873.7621

Email the mayor – kennedy.stewart@vancouver.ca

Facebook the mayor – kennedy.stewart

Tweet the mayor – @kennedystewart

You can show your support by signing the petition below. (only the first letter of your last name will be shown to protect your privacy)

Please help BCPS remain at 2908 Commercial Drive

BCPS is receiving continued pressure from the city to shut the doors. WE DON'T WANT TO CLOSE, and need your help.
We have a meeting with the development permit department at Vancouver City Hall and know it will be rejected.
Once we have our rejection notice we will be going to the board of variance, that's where your support will be needed and greatly appreciated.

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Thank you very much for your support.
744 signatures = 149% of goal

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Latest Signatures
744 Mr K T. Fibromyalgia. Either fix the ridiculous federal website or let some of these select places stay open. They are very careful to ID everyone, its affordable, accessible, packaged well, and good quality. Govt has a lot to learn from this place. So leave it open come visit and learn a few things for your own business model. Province approves- no reason for the city not to. Stop messing around please.
743 Mr Robert S. West Vancouver
742 Ms Trealas P. B.C Pain Society has been helping many people including myself with medical conditions with Medicine that actually works at affordable prices. Unlike the pharmaceuticals that are pushed on us! The staff are very helpful and full of knowledge to help pick right strains.
741 Ms Michelle W.
740 Mr Aaron M. Bcps has been serving the community for years
739 Mr Steve M. Because they really help people in the neighborhood
738 Ms cheryl n. please stay open
737 Mr Greg F.
736 Mr Sean S. To override the imbeciles lousy decision
735 Ms Cassandra M. I am dependent on medical cannabis in order to even leave my house. This place has literally SAVED my life a dozen times over with their low cost and high variety options
734 Mr Jim K.
733 Mr Michael H. what gives one man the right to dictate to whole number of people what they can or cant consume?
732 Ms Bridget K. Bowen Island
731 Ms Vicky A. North Vancouver
730 Ms Keila A. Because this is the only place I can get my anxiety medication at a decent price.
729 Ms Beverly M. I cannot believe that the British Columbia Pain Society had to close. Key word, here? PAIN. Thos was not some pop-up pot shop. This is a very established and respected business. Crohn's, cancer and arthritis. Live with that without medication, Mr. Mayor. So disrespectful of you. Reopen and apologize, please.
727 Mr John D. Pain relief
726 Mr Nic S. I need my local dispensary. Its hard to travel with chronic pain
725 Mrs Kayla S. Loved this place & there product don’t understand why it’s closed down should be re opened
724 Ms Jacob C. I'd like the shop to stay open
723 Mr Rob W. Vancouver
722 Ms emma b. its a convenient way to obtain marijuana and its cheaper and now that its legal the store needs to remain open. also they are very strict when entering their store they always have security asking for id. its a safe convenient way to obtain my medical marijuana. please let them stay open. thanks
721 Mr Jia Yu T.
720 Mr Jeff G. I am disabled and need the medical marijuana