BCPS Canada
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Open 7 days a week
BCPS Canada, home of the world famous marijuana vending machines and home to the FOUR dollar grams.
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High grade medical marijuana
BCPS Canada your source to high quality low priced medical marijuana at the push of a button.
BCPS Grand Opening
BCPS Canada grand opening
Medical Marijuana
Top quality medical marijuana
BCPS Canada medical grade marijuana
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Delivery Service
Please be advised that BCPS Canada DOES NOT offer delivery services.
There are currently only TWO locations to use your BCPS membership cards, 2908 Commercial Drive in Vancouver and 1719 Quadra St in Victoria.

BCPS Canada, a Vancouver marijuana dispensary.

medical marijuana dispensary

Top quality organic, medical marijuana for less than $10/gram

BCPS Canada, formerly BC Pain Society, is pleased to announce that we have re-branded. Our name has changed but we will continue to offer the same service and quality. Our marijuana vending machines are always stocked and ready to provide high quality products and low.  BCPS Canada, a Vancouver marijuana dispensary.

BCPS has and will continue to grow and face challenges along the way to full legalization. Please remember that we will continue to fight until there is absolutely no fight left in us.

ALL BCPS Canada locations are independently owened and operated, therefore you may not see the same product at all locations. Please call ahead or check out the locations on Facebook should yoiu have any product questions. All locations have friendly knowledgeable staff and are wheelchair accessible.

Our Marijuana Vending Machines provide safe, secure, discreet access from one of the best Vancouver marijuana dispensaries. Our prices start at $4/gram for high quality marijuana with our most expensive Kush being only $10/gram. Stop in to our flagship Vancouver marijuana dispensary located at 2908 Commercial Drive and see what 20,000 happy customers already know.

Do you need MEDICAL MARIJUANA at a reasonable price to treat your medical conditions?

We offer complete mail order service across Canada. We have a quick application process to help expedite your approval and get you on the road to leading a pain free life. Download the required  forms and submit them to our office for quick processing.

Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, please know the laws and consequences of visiting a dispensary before visiting one. Vancouver is on the cutting edge of legalization but there is still a lot of work to do before that time. Remember to use your product responsibly.

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