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BCPS Canada IS OPEN, our lawyers are working with the city of Vancouver while we transition to a  provincial and city license.

We have been part of the East Van neighborhood for over 5 years and continue to serve our loyal customers. You have helped build this business and we are doing whatever we can to remain in this location for years to come.

You can show your support by signing the petition below. (only the first letter of your last name will be shown to protect your privacy)

Please help BCPS remain at 2908 Commercial Drive

BCPS is receiving continued pressure from the city to shut the doors. WE DON'T WANT TO CLOSE, and need your help.
We have a meeting with the development permit department at Vancouver City Hall and know it will be rejected.
Once we have our rejection notice we will be going to the board of variance, that's where your support will be needed and greatly appreciated.

**your signature**

Thank you very much for your support.
145 signatures = 29% of goal

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Latest Signatures
145 Mr Michael D. I need medication
144 Mx. Logan T. I need cannabis to survive.
143 Ms barb p. medical patient
142 Mr Vince K. Because
141 Mr Rob C. I need pain medication
140 Ms Ritsa V. Its very affordable for my oil and I love it very much!
139 Ms John D. North Vancouver
138 Mr Dan G.
137 Mr Keith M. Cannabis is helpful for the relief of symptoms of many congenital ( & other ) disorders. BCPS has helped me with quality medicine at affordable prices.
136 Ms Sharon G. I am a firm believer in cannabis as a medicine. I also believe it should be easily accessible to those who need ot.
135 Mr Thade D. I am signing this because the federal government's Cannabis Act is out of touch and is going to bring unneeded changes to our market, as well as require harmful pesticides on our product.
134 Ms Iana K. Because I like this location
133 Ms Vanessa D. I want the store to remain open
132 Mr Brodie M. Cannabis helps with my eye condition, and now cancer recovery.
131 Mrs Dawn C. Burnaby
130 Ms Deb B. This business has always served the community with respect and dignity. It is clean, the staff are helpful and respectful.
129 Mr Imran T. Vancouver
128 Mr Joey B. Because I live with pain.
127 Miss Miranda A. Bcps is the best
126 Mr justis t.
125 Mr Lucas S. I need easier access to medicinal
124 Mr kevin l. customer
123 Mrs Cassidy C. To help BCPS remain open
122 Mr Marc G. Need stores like this
121 Ms Caitlin M. I believe it should stay at this location as it's easily accessible and the fact that alot of dispensaries have been closing near me.