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Cannabis prices


As low as $4.50 per gram
  • $7 (G-04) SHISHKABERRY 1g

  • $15 (E-10) INDICA (BLEND) 3.5g

  • $7 (P-51) CASABLANCA (MONGOLIAN) 1 x 0.5g


Prices starting as low as $9/gram

  • $10 BLUE DREAM


  • $11 SENSI STAR

  • $35 1/8 BC DIESEL

Pre Roll

Ready to smoke for your convnience

  • $8 SOLO


  • $10 ORANGE BUD


Caps / Oil

Lots of CBD and THC products
  • $30 "FREE" OIL (BLEND)


  • $49 CBD OIL



Grand forks OPEN NOW

Vancouver opening soon

Former home to the worlds most famous marijuana vending machines

Grand Forks BC Cannabis Store, 7439 3rd st. open 7 days a week , huge selection of cannabis and accessories. Bongs, vapes, rolling papers, dab rigs, etc.

Commercial Drive, 2908 Commercial Drive will be going through our appeal in early Feb 2020, we hope to re-open soon after. We have a team of lawyers and consultants who are helping us put together an AMAZING presentation for the appeal board.

Many customers have been asking about the government controlled product, I have to say that I am quite pleased with the prices and quality. Can products improve, can legalization improve? ABSOLUTELY, but in my opinion, the legal cannabis industry is off to a good start.

You can show your support by signing the petition below. (only the first letter of your last name will be shown to protect your privacy)

Please help BCPS remain at 2908 Commercial Drive

BCPS is receiving continued pressure from the city to shut the doors. WE DON'T WANT TO CLOSE, and need your help.
We have a meeting with the development permit department at Vancouver City Hall and know it will be rejected.
Once we have our rejection notice we will be going to the board of variance, that's where your support will be needed and greatly appreciated.

**your signature**

Thank you very much for your support.
855 signatures = 171% of goal

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Latest Signatures
855 Ms Pat W.
854 Ms Joshua D. Because reasons
853 Mr Ken L.
852 Ms Lissa P. Cannabis helps my anxiety & insomnia
851 Mr CLARENCE l.
850 Mr Jason A. Cannabis helps my arthritis
849 Ms Jason S. To help bc pain society
848 Mr Oli S. Because I use cannabis to migrate disc pain to avoid morphine
847 Mr Randolph F. Because there the best. Fk the government
846 Mr Yashmeet M. Affordable medication
845 Ms Kimberly W. It helps with my medical purposes
844 Ms Scarlett N. My body, my choice!
843 Ms Lilly A.
842 Mr Cody L. It’s right
841 Mr robbie k. need medical canibus please
840 Mr Thomas P.
839 Mr Gary P. I want the store to be open
838 Mr C B. Shop isn’t open. Wazzup?
837 Ms Phan K.
836 Ms Celina S. BC Pain is a cornerstone of the cannabis industry in Vancouver, Qulaity affordable product and knowledable staff. A glowing example of what legal cannabis retail should be.
835 Ms John T. It’s a good location.
834 Mr michael t. have been member for over ten years
833 Ms louisa l.
832 Ms Hope M. Keep BCPS OPEN!
831 Mr Kenneth F. Cause I support bcps